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Submitted by allweatherandnoise: Hints for Command Terms (psychology)


  • Write about pros and cons of theory/research
  • Does not need to be balanced, but must have a little of both pros and cons
  • Concepts that are discussed do not need to be related or connected
  • There must be critical thinking in each paragraph. No paragraph only content.
  • Critical thinking - relating it back to the question/command term


  • What assumptions are made?
    • When speaking about evolution, it is assumed Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection IS the theory of evolution (not Lamarck’s theory)
  • What interrelationships are there?
    • Changes in physiology = changes in behaviour etc
  • Explicitly highlight the relationships in the introduction

  • There must be critical thinking in each paragraph


  • What are the different concepts or hypotheses to explain a particular central concepts
  • The discussion about pros and cons must be balanced about each concept hypothesis.
  • In a paragraph a particular element of the concept is discussed, then a balanced evaluation of the concept or research supporting the concept
  •  There must be critical thinking in each paragraph

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