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Jane Elliot Experiment 1984

Aim : To demonstrate Social Identity Theory
Method: On the first day she made blue eyes is better than brown eyes and on the second day, brown was better than blue. The brown eyed students (on the first day) were discriminated and were called stupid. On that day, she designated the blue-eyed children as the superior group, giving them extra privileges like second helpings at lunch, access to the new jungle gym and five minutes extra at recess. She said blue-eyed children was linked to intelligence and ability, as the “blue” pigmentation would result in an increase of these qualities. The next day she did vice versa.
Findings: At day 1 brown eyed children took 5 minutes in working with flashcards because they felt bad. At day 2 it took brown eyed children 2.5 minutes with flashcards because they have been promoted to feel more superior.
Evaluation Has high ecological validity, not natural experiment as she manipulated the experiment, independent variable is the color of eyes, confounding variables is difficult to control as students might had bad day which caused to act in certain ways, student have needs to be in group.
Here is a link to watch the experiment: A classroom divided

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